Because of an upgrade, on Saturday, June 22, Panopto will experience downtime. Panopto will announce the exact time and expected duration of the downtime on Friday, May 31. All expected downtime will be planned for non-core hours, on a weekend, varying by cloud location. Typical downtime windows start after 7pm local time and end before 9am local time, for primary locations served by the cloud. The duration of the downtime window can vary from release to release, but it typically ranges from two to four hours.


Examples for December 2018:

  • EU: Saturday, 9pm – 12am, GMT
  • NA: Saturday, 8pm – 11pm, EDT
  • AP: Saturday, 6am – 9am, NZDT


During the time your site is offline, you will not be able to access recordings on your server, and any attempts to upload from clients will result in a “Server unable to connect” message. Scheduled recordings will capture offline and upload after the site is back online. Recorder clients are able to select the record offline option and upload after the site is back online.


You will be able to contact support during and after the downtime window. Support will be available on live chat during upgrades and will be monitoring the ticket queue for widespread problems related to the upgrade. (Authorized Point of Contacts only). Support will not monitor live chat during planned maintenance or hotfixes.