As an instructor who has been thrust into the world of remote instruction, you may have some questions on what others are doing in a course similar to yours. The University of Missouri System has created a faculty forum web site for faculty members of all four UM System institutions, both new to the world of remote instruction and those who are veteran online instructors. Any member of the UM community can post articles or reply to a current post with questions or comments by logging in with their university credentials.

“The purpose of the faculty discussion forums at is for all instructors across the UM campuses to share best practices, tips and tricks for teaching with technology,” Danna Wren, Senior Director of Academic Technology for the University of Missouri System’s Office of eLearning, said. “As a faculty member, your peers often have great ideas about how to best use technologies and pedagogical practices, particularly ones that are helpful for your discipline. We’re excited to present a place to share and highlight all of the great teaching that is going on, both in response to the current situation, as well as every day.”

Instructors will be able to browse by solutions, such as Assessment, Textbooks, and Media, or browse by Tools, such as iClicker, Panopto, or Zoom. The Community Forums includes discussions on Notices and Alerts, Instructor Narratives, and even a forum dedicated to those who are New to Remote or Online Instruction.

Wren stated that the goal is to facilitate a place where faculty can both showcase what they are doing and see what others are doing as well. “We would love for all instructors to see it both as a resource for best practices and a place to interact with their peers around good teaching with technology,” she said.

Tanys Nelson, Manager of Learning Technologies with the UM System for eLearning, said the web site “is a permanent resource site for all instructors wanting to learn more about academic technologies available on the campuses. It was not created as a response to COVD-19 and remote teaching.”

Wren added, “It’s our goal that this site will be a permanent resource for faculty.”