Turnitin is a third-party tool that integrates with Canvas and serves as a plagiarism detection and prevention tool. Turnitin may also be used check grammar, mechanics, and usage in papers.

To identify matching content, student submissions are checked against the following:

  • 30 billion web pages,
  • 120 million publications,
  • 275 million previously submitted papers.

In Canvas, there are two options for creating an assignment that uses Turnitin: Plagiarism Review and the External Tool. The option you choose is determined by how you want to use Turnitin.

  • Use the Plagiarism Review option if you primarily want to check assignments for plagiarism. If you create a group assignment and want to check for plagiarism, you must use the Plagiarism Review option. You can use the Canvas Speedgrader to provide feedback on the student submissions.
  • Use the External Tool option if you want to check assignments for plagiarism and use the Turnitin Feedback Studio to provide feedback to students and/or use a Turnitin rubric.

For more information on using Turnitin in Canvas, register for our free Turnitin in Canvas training or visit our Turnitin support page.