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Sharing Zoom Recordings in a Canvas Course

After a recording has been successfully generated, an email notification will be sent to your UMKC email address. You can then share it with the students by either of the following methods.

Sharing via Kaltura (Recommended)

Zoom recordings can be automatically uploaded to Kaltura as an MP4 copy. The process might take from a few minutes to several hours depends on the size of the recording. Follow the steps below to publish the video in a Canvas course.

  1. First, make sure you have entered your UMKC username for Kaltura User Id in your Zoom profile.
    zoom kaltura
  2. Log into the Canvas Course, and go to My Media. This is where all your Kaltura videos are stored, as well as the Zoom recording copies. They are private to you until you publish them.
    canv menu
  3. Check the box of the recording video to select it, then click Actions>Publish.
  4. On the next page, select Published, check the courses you want to share the video with, and Save.
  5.  You’ll receive a “Media successfully published” notice.
  6.  Go to the Media Gallery link in the course navigation. This page stores all the Kaltura videos that are available for all the course members.
    Students will now be able to watch the video by going to Media Gallery after they log into this Canvas Course.
    canv menu 2

Sharing the Zoom Recording Link Directly

You may share the Zoom recording links with your students via email or post them to a Canvas course.


  •   Students can view the recording immediately, while the Kaltura copies might take sometime.
  •   Recording transcripts will be view-able with the directly Zoom Links. Kaltura copies will only have the MP4 content.

Caution: Zoom cloud recordings will be deleted after 90 days. Therefore, the links will become invalid after 90 days. Communicate with the students clearly about how to access old recordings in Kaltura.

To share the links, either copy them from the email notification received from Zoom, or log into your Zoom account to retrieve.

  1. Go to My Recordings>Cloud Recordings.
    cloud recordings
  2. Click Share, select desired options, and copy the link information.
    share recordings

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