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Scheduling Zoom Meetings in Canvas

The Zoom integration allows both instructors and students to access Zoom meetings scheduled for a specific course.

  • Instructors can schedule, start and delete meetings in the Canvas integration.

Note: Only meetings created within the Canvas course Zoom link are available to students.

  • Students can view and join meetings created by instructors, and access existing recordings.

Schedule a Meeting in a Canvas Course

  1. Sign in to the Canvas course site.

2. Got to the Zoom link in the navigation bar. (You may need to enable it from Settings–>Navigation)

3. Click on the “Schedule a New Meeting” button.

4. Typing the meeting topic and choose meeting options. Watch the video below for details. 

NOTE: If you would like to schedule a persistent meeting with no time limit, check the Recurring meeting box and choose No Fixed Time.

meeting time

5. Click “Save”.


Retrieve Meeting Info

Students enrolled in this course will be able to see the meeting and join by the start time. The meeting link and invitation info can be shared with people outside of the class, such as guest speakers.

  1. In the “Upcoming Meetings” tab, click on the meeting name.meeting info
  2. You will find the meeting link as below.meeting linkClick Copy the Invitation to reveal more meeting details, including call-in numbers. invitation

24/7 Zoom support: 888-799-9666

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