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WebEx Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)

Keyboard Shortcuts for Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

You can use keyboard shortcuts in Meeting Center to easily navigate your meeting and to access shared content. Keyboard shortcuts can be used by participants with special needs and others who prefer to use hotkeys.





Alt + Enter Enter Full-screen mode
Alt + F4 Close any dialog box
Ctrl + + Zoom in
Ctrl + – Zoom out
Ctrl + A Copy text from the Chat panel
Ctrl + Alt + A Share an application
Ctrl + Alt + D Share your screen
Ctrl + Alt + N Share a whiteboard
Ctrl + Alt + O Share a file or video
Ctrl + Alt + Shift Show the Meeting Controls panel in full+screen mode
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H Hide the Meeting controls, panels, and notifications
Ctrl + Alt +S Allow all participants to share
Ctrl + K Assign privileges to participants
Ctrl + M Mute or unmute the selected user
Ctrl + O Browse to open and share a file
Ctrl + Shift + < Rotate the page left
Ctrl + Shift + > Rotate the page right
Ctrl + Shift + T Transfer a file for participants to download
Ctrl + Shift + W Adjust the page size to the available screen space
Ctrl + Shift + W Adjust the page size to the available width
Ctrl + Shift + Y Synchronize the display of a shared page, slide, or whiteboard in all participant content viewers with the display in your viewer
Ctrl + Tab
  • Switch between open documents in the content area of the Meeting window
  • Navigate within the panels area
  • Switch between tabs in the following dialog boxes:
    • Invite and Remind
    • Preferences
    • Meeting Options
    • Participant Privileges
Ctrl + W Close a shared file or whiteboard
Ctrl + Y Redo the last action
Ctrl + Z Undo the last action
Enter Carry out the command for the active button (usually replaces a mouse click)
Esc Cancel an action, close an active window or menu, or display the meeting controls, panels, and notifications in full+screen sharing mode
F1 Access Cisco WebEx Meeting Center Help
F6 Switch between the content area and the panels area
PgDn During file sharing, use to advance to the next slide
PgUp During file sharing, use to return to the previous slide
Shift + F10
  • Use right+click menus in the following panels and elements:
    • Chat panel
    • Notes panel
    • Closed Captions panel
    • File Transfer window
    • Shared whiteboard and file tabs
    • Participant panel
  • Work with the participant list
  • Copy text from the Chat panel
  • Check or uncheck an option box
  • Enter text in an input box
Tab Switch between elements, such as buttons, fields, and check boxes within a dialog or panel
arrow keys Switch between options in dialog boxes

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