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Getting Started with Webex

What Is WebEx

Cisco WebEx is a communication tool that incorporates audio conferencing, desktop computer sharing, and webcam video into a single platform, and can be used with PC, Macintosh, iOS, and Android devices.

WebEx can accommodate up to 1000 meeting participants, depending upon the type of meeting session that’s set up by the host. It can be used for:

  • Remote meetings (one-on-one or multiple users)
  • Admissions and recruiting
  • Online orientation/interview
  • Technical support of faculty/staff/students
  • More

Requesting A WebEx Host Account

While join a WebEx meeting as a guest/participant does not require a WebEx account, creating and hosting one does.

If you do not have a WebEx account, you will need to request that an account be created for you. Please read the information below regarding how to make the request, and the available audio options.

WebEx provides the following audio options for meetings:

    • Computer – WebEx participants will use speakers and a microphone connected to a computer for audio communication during meetings. This is also referred to as VoIP. This option is available by default and is free of charge.
    • Teleconference – WebEx participants can use a telephone to dial in, or can receive a call from WebEx to connect to the audio conference. This option has a per user/per minute charge. The rate is $0.06 for toll calls, and $0.12 for toll-free calls.
      Note: Teleconference is an optional audio connection. You can still chose to use computer audio even if your account is enabled with teleconference.

When you request a WebEx account, you must specify whether you would like to have the Teleconference option available in your meetings. If the Teleconference option is not available, participants will not be able to connect to meetings using a phone and must use a computer with speakers and microphone.

To request a WebEx account, please fill out this form: WebEx Account Requests.

When filling out the form, you will have a couple of options:

    • WebEx Productivity Tools can be pushed to your University computer. If you choose this, you will need to provide your computer name in the form. (What is the WebEx Productivity Tools?)
    • Teleconference can be added to your account, as described above. If you choose this, we will get approval from your departmental Fiscal Officer before enabling Teleconference on your account. Once enabled, any associated charges will be billed to your MOCode.

Using WebEx

Visit the FAQs page for instructions.
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