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Accessibility and Respondus

Respondus Accessibility Guide and Voluntary Product Accessibility Template

Screen Readers

The Mac version of LockDown Browser works with VoiceOver (the standard screen reader that comes with the Mac OS). LockDown Browser’s functions and security remain the same when VoiceOver is used.

The Windows version of LockDown Browser allows a student to use some screen reader accessibility programs, such as NVDA, JAWS and Windows-Eyes. Zoom Text is compatible in regards to increasing the text size, but the reader is not currently compatible. As of LockDown Browser for Windows, accessibility is enabled for all users. Improvements to accessibility were added to version for Windows. Please have all students on Window platforms upgrade to version and newer.

Most “literacy” programs such as Read&Write Gold and Kurzweil 3000 have a number incompatibilities and potential exploits that cannot be addressed in LockDown Browser. These programs are standalone Windows programs similar to Microsoft Word and other Windows programs, which cannot be brought on top of an active LockDown Browser exam. Also, for use with a browser, these programs require a custom browser plugin that is not compatible with LockDown Browser.

To upgrade LockDown Browser, either download and install the full installation package, or start LockDown Browser, select the “i” button from the toolbar, and then click “Check for Newer Version”. The version will be displayed and you will be able to download a newer version if one is available.

Keep in mind that the security level of LockDown Browser is lowered when screen readers are used.

Respondus Monitor

When an exam requires the use of Respondus Monitor, LockDown Browser will access the Respondus Monitor web application prior to the start of an exam. It’s important to note that from an end-user’s standpoint (and hence, from an accessibility standpoint), the technology behind LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor are the same. Respondus Monitor simply inserts a few HTML pages along the way (called the “Startup Sequence”). In the Startup Sequence, the student performs a webcam check and other options as determined by the instructor. The Startup Sequence web pages are HTML and are supportive of assistive technologies compatible with web browsers, including input, magnification and screen reader technologies.

The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template provided below is intended to assist contracting and compliance officials in making preliminary assessments regarding the accessibility support of LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor. This document is not intended to be a certification of compliance, but rather, a starting point for determining accessibility compliance.

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