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Online proctoring options help ensure test integrity for students taking exams in remote locations via the Internet.


UMKC has contracted with Examity to provide live online test proctoring. The service costs $15 per hour for the first hour, and $7 per hour for each additional hour. So, a two-hour exam would cost $22.

Students are responsible for proctoring fees, and they pay with a credit card when they schedule the exam in the Examity web portal.

Instructors will need to add instructions and projected student costs to the syllabus and Blackboard course, and will schedule their exams in the Examity web portal.

Students set up a profile with Examity, schedule a time to take the exam, and complete the exam with a remote live proctor at the agreed-upon time. Students need both a webcam and microphone for this process.

These FAQs provide more information:
Examity Instructor FAQ
Examity Student FAQ

If you are a UMKC instructor interested in using Examity for your online exams, please contact UMKC Online or email


 UMKC’s ProctorU Portal:  

ProctorU provides online proctoring services for students in remote locations. If you are a UMKC instructor interested in using ProctorU for your online exams, please contact UMKC Online or email


Some online UMKC courses use a remote proctoring service called ProctorU. The service connects you to a live proctor who will observe you, your environment, and your computer screen while you take your exam.

You will need:

  • A computer running Windows or Mac–mobile devices, tablets and Linux devices are not supported
  • A webcam–cameras built into laptops are perfectly fine
  • A microphone
  • Speakers
  • A reliable internet connection–some WiFi connections may not be stable enough, and you may need to use a wired connection
  • A reflective surface, like a small mirror
  • A valid photo ID 

Read more about the specific system requirements for ProctorU. Make sure to check your system setup. before you plan to take your exam.


There are fees associated with this service. Exams up to 60 minutes will cost $15.

1 hour $15.00
2 hours $20
3 hours $25.00
4 hours $29.00
Take it Soon $8
Take it Now $12

You can watch an overview of how ProctorU works, here.

Using ProctorU

When your instructor sets up an exam in ProctorU, they will also set a window of time during which you may take your exam. As soon as the exam is available to you in ProctorU, you can reserve a time to take your exam.

You may also wait until closer to the exam time, but it is your responsibility to schedule your exam with ProctorU.

You will need to make your exam reservation at least 72 hours prior to the time you would like to take your exam.

You can reschedule with at least 24 hours notice, but keep in mind that you will need to select a new time that is at least 72 hours away, or you will incur a late scheduling fee.

  1. Create an account with ProctorU.
  2. Login to ProctorU with your ProctorU account.

Checking Your Equipment

On the day of your exam, make sure to give yourself extra time to test your equipment and connection before your appointment. You can test your setup here.

You can find more information about testing your equipment here.

Taking Your Exam

On the day of the exam, make sure to log into your account a few minutes before your scheduled exam time.

Getting Help

The best thing that you can do to avoid problems is check your system setup. BEFORE the day of your exam. Test your setup in the same environment, with the same equipment you will use on the day of the exam. And make sure to schedule your exam well in advance.

If you have any problems setting up ProctorU, or connecting on the day of the exam, call their direct support line at 855-772-8678, or access ProctorU’s live chat support.

Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor is a companion product for Respondus LockDown Browser that offers students the ability to take an online exam remotely in the location of their choosing. Monitor serves as an alternative to live proctoring, while still helping to protect the integrity of online assessments.

The cost of Respondus Monitor to students is $10 per semester, per course.

Respondus LockDown Browser must be installed on the student’s computer, along with a working webcam and optional microphone, in order to use Respondus Monitor. If use of Monitor is required with an exam, Monitor makes an audio/video recording of the exam environment as the student takes the test. Instructors can later choose to review details of the exam (specific frames the software flags as potentially suspicious), or watch the entire session.

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