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Create Accessible Tables in Canvas

Canvas User Guide: Creating Accessible Tables in the Rich Content Editor

Creating Accessible Tables

Adding Scope

The scope attributes in a table helps provide context to screen readers. A scope=”col” identifies the header for all the cells in that column, and cells with a scope=”row” identifies the header for all the cells in that row.

To add column and row scope to a table created in the Rich Content Editor, first insert a table.

To add scope, select the relevant cells of the table. In the Table Menu, select the Cell Properties link.

Adding Scope

In Cell properties, set the Cell type to “Header cell” and in the Scope menu, select the Column option.

Cell Properties

To set scope for the row, repeat the process, but in the Scope menu, select the Row option.

Selecting Header Cell

To view these properties reflected in the Rich Content Editor, switch to the HTML Editor.

HTML Table View


A caption can be used to associate a short description to the table. Captions are not required, but they may be helpful in providing additional context.

Adding Captions in Context Editor


Captions in a Table


Caption Code

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