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Blackboard User Guide: Remove Potentially Harmful Content

Digital media can trigger unexpected responses from students

The Internet is full of fun content, and adding creative media elements to your course can boost student engagement. However, GIFs and other rapid-movement or flickering media- even overly complex still images- have the potential to trigger seizures or other harmful responses in students.Ally identifies these files, and scores them as low. Follow the instructions to help ensure all students can safely interact with your course content.

If there is potentially harmful content, the file gets a low accessibility score indicator. Low accessibility indicator Select the Accessibility score indicator to learn more and add a description.

Issue explanation

The file is 0% accessible because it has the potential to trigger seizures or other harmful responses in students.

Issue Explanation

Select What this means for an explanation.

Remove the file

The recommended choice from an inclusion perspective is to remove the file, and replace it with something similar and less harmful. This ensures that all your students can engage with the content safely. Select Remove now.

Keep and flag the file

If the content is essential to your course, select No, I need to keep it. Ally flags the content and alert students before opening the file. In case the students are susceptible to seizure from flashing or visually complex images, they receive a warning from Ally before opening.

Keep and flag the file

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