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Pathway Grade Import from Blackboard

Some instructors use a feature in Pathway to import grades from the final grade column in Blackboard. This feature is a particular time-saver for large courses.

A number of restrictions currently exist:

  1. The instructor must enter the grades in the automatically-created Final Grade column. Pathway will not pull grades from the Total column, Weighted Total column, or any column other than Final Grade.
  2. The import will only pull grades from the Blackboard site matching the Pathway section exactly. If multiple Blackboard sites are combined (e.g. cross-listed sites, or multiple sections of a course combined into a single Blackboard site or you are using an organization site for your course) only the grades for students in the parent site can be pulled into Pathway with the grade import.
  3. There is a delay between the time grades are entered in Blackboard and the time the Retrieve Grades from Blackboard feature in Pathway will work. Grades entered in Blackboard will be available to import into Pathway after 1 hour. – import instructions

Once the grades are imported, the instructor still needs to verify the grades in Pathway and approve them in Pathway as if they entered the grades manually.

If you have any grading questions, please contact the Registrar’s office, 816-235-1125 or

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