As you begin to prepare your courses for summer, you may notice some pre-populated items in your course site. Many of these resources are designed to provide you quick access to support items as you begin to build your summer course.

Summer Course Tour Canvas

On the “Generic language . . .” page, we’ve provided general language for some of the more common assessments including quiz instructions, an introductory discussion board, “Questions for your Instructor” discussion board, discussion board expectations, and student Panopto presentations. You are welcome to use and modify any of this language to suit your needs and individual assignments.

Under the “Resources You Might Provide to Your Students,” you are welcome to publish those items in your course site by selecting the prohibitive symbol; you will know the item is published when you see the icon change into a green circle with a white checkmark. Next, you can drag-and-drop the item to a new module in your course site (see the video below for additional assistance).

If these resources are not useful, you are welcome to delete the module to remove the items from your course site.