Since Academic Year 2016-2017, UMKC Online has implemented increasing standards for accessibility in online courses. The current standards are expressed in the UMKC Online Course Certification Checklist (items 35-39). The accessibility standards listed in the checklist are based on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and represent a good faith effort made by our institution regarding online accessibility. These web accessibility guidelines encourage institutions of higher education to provide closed captioning on all video content.

Panopto, a lecture capture software used by UMKC faculty and staff, can provide automatic captioning; however, these captions have an accuracy level of about 80% and do require editing. UMKC Online has created a system to help faculty edit those automatic captions. Use our online form to request edited captions in Panopto. Videos must be 15 minutes or less in order to qualify for edited captions. If submitted videos are longer than 15 minutes, the video will be rejected, and the instructor will be responsible for editing automatic captions. We reserve the right to reject edited caption requests for the following reasons:

  • Automatic captions are not turned on
  • Video is longer than 15 minutes
  • Video contains technical terminology that is too difficult to be edited by someone who is not a subject matter expert.
  • Poor audio quality
  • Video cannot be located by captioner

Rejected requests for edited captions can be resubmitted if the video is remediated by the faculty member. Requests for other video types (YouTube, Kaltura, Camtasia, etc.) will not be accepted.