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Zoom cloud recordings are now automatically sent to your Panopto account, provided that your Zoom, Canvas and Panopto email addresses match. If this is not met, the automated process will not work.

You can locate your Zoom recordings in different folder locations in Panopto, depending on where the Zoom meeting was created:

  • If your Zoom meeting was created by logging in to zoom.us, your Zoom meeting recording will be located in Meeting Recordings folder within your My Folder in Panopto.
  • If your Zoom meeting was created using the Zoom UMSystem link in your Canvas course, the Zoom meeting recording will be located in the Panopto course folder associated with your Canvas course. (For this to work, you must also have Panopto Recordings enabled in your Canvas course. Please see this support page: How to enable Panopto in your Canvas course)

For more information, please refer to this page: Troubleshooting Zoom recordings that should automatically store in Panopto

NOTE: Only Zoom cloud recordings are automatically sent to Panopto. If you recorded your Zoom meeting locally, the recording will be saved in the computer you were using. You can still manually upload local recordings to Panopto by following this guide: Manually uploading Zoom Recordings into Panopto