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School of Education Adopts Online Course and Instructor Certification Policy

Micheal Strohschein, PhD, Assistant Dean, Outreach and Academic Engagement, School of Education

The School of Education (SOE), in compliance with campus online policy KC-ACA-3205, adopted an Online Course and Instructor Certification Policy on April 21, 2017, to address specific school needs in the delivery, design, governance, and assessment of online programs.

The new SOE policy provides additional refinement to campus policy KC-ACA-3205, which was adopted April 1, 2015, to aid in the clarity and ease of governance of online instructors and programs. In its policy, the School of Education explicitly addresses online instructional modes and credit/non-credit coursework as well as instructor re-certification.

The SOE Online Course and Instructor Certification Policy is organized into three major sections:

  • I. Online Course Instructor Certification Policy Statement
  • II. Online Course Certification Policy Statement
  • III. Reason for Policy

Sections I and II integrate the four UMKC online instructional mode definitions (Online Synchronous [OS], Online Asynchronous [OA], Online Campus [OC], and Blended [B]) for both credit and non-credit bearing coursework.

Section I introduces two additional significant changes to the campus policy. One is a requirement of re-certification of online instructors every three years and the second is added language that provides flexibility in the governance of all new academic hires and current instructors who are assigned to credit/non-credit online coursework for the school.

For questions about the policy, please contact Dr. Micheal Strohschein, Assistant Dean, Outreach & Academic Engagement at or 816-235-6633.

SOE Instructor and Course Certification Policy_Adopted_4.21.17