Do you want a quick way to access Canvas? Bookmark the direct web address for UMKC’s Canvas instance:


By bookmarking the direct web address, you reduce the number of clicks it takes to access Canvas, and you won’t have to worry about accessing Canvas if UMKC websites have an outage.


For Chrome and Firefox users, you can add a bookmark using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the web address you want to bookmark (
  2. Select the Star icon located on the far right-hand side of the address bar.
  3. Edit the name of the bookmark in the pop-up menu that appears. This helps you find the bookmark later (example: UMKC Canvas or Canvas)
  4. Select a Folder for the bookmark or select the Bookmarks bar (Chrome) or Bookmarks Toolbar (Firefox).
  5. Select Done to save the changes and add the bookmark.