Preparing Future Faculty Through an Online Graduate Certification Program

Brookside Room, 12:30pm


Jennifer Friend, PhD, Associate Dean, SGS

Carolyn Barber, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Education

Michelle Maher, PhD, Professor and Program Coordinator, Higher Education Administration

Candace Schlein, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Education


UMKC prepares graduate students for faculty careers at diverse institutions through the graduate certificate in College Teaching and Career Preparation, a program known as Preparing Future Faculty (PFF). This presentation shares a collaborative effort led by the School of Graduate Studies and three faculty members from the School of Education to convert the PFF program to a 100% online delivery to provide greater access to students. The six PFF Seminar courses and three courses in the School of Education will be online certified as part of this project:

(1) The College Student

(2) Educational Psychology: Focus on Teaching in Higher Education

(3) Apprenticeship & Conference in College Training.

The presentation will share the faculty members’ plans to re-design courses through online learning strategies such as gamification (students earning badges for achieving learning outcomes), and goals for restructuring each course to facilitate and assess learning in online learning environments.