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Panopto Adds Auto-Captions and the Timing Couldn’t Be Better

Panopto logoCaptioning videos has gotten a whole lot easier for UMKC faculty since Panopto added auto-captions to its feature-rich platform. This welcome development was announced just weeks before the U.S. Access Board’s final ruling on the “ICT Refresh”— a set of updates to accessibility requirements for information and communication technology (ICT) covered by Section 508. These updates apply stricter industry standards for accessible audio and video content and will take effect January 2018.

As Steve Ballmer famously quipped, “accessible design is good design,” and this is especially true for captioning and usability. In fact, new research out of Oregon State University confirms what smart faculty already know: closed captions and transcripts serve as critical learning aids that benefit ALL students, not just those with disabilities.

For instructors, there has never been a better time to integrate video content that supports meaningful learning, and UMKC Online instructional designers are here to help. Get started with a free online workshop and learn how to record, caption, and publish your Panopto videos. For more information about accessibility requirements for course certification, visit the Accessibility for Online Courses page, or contact Melissa Messina.

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