BioSig-ID password screen

Students will be introduced to BioSig-ID through a dedicated BioSig Enrollment course. This is a central Blackboard location to explain BioSig-ID for new students and take care of the initial enrollment. As a student, you will be added to the BioSig Enrollment course several weeks before the start of term to allow ample time for enrollment and authentication practice. Student support for using BioSig-ID will be available 24/7 through the ITS Help Desk. There will be no additional cost to students using BioSig-ID.

In the BioSig Enrollment course, you will be asked to watch a short how-to-enroll video and then register in the BioSig-ID software system. During enrollment, a photo-ID verification step will take place that requires a webcam for video and a microphone and speakers to speak with the live agent. Please make sure you have a functioning webcam and mic before starting the enrollment process.

Step-by-step guides for the BioSig enrollment process can be found under the Student User Guides tab on this webpage.

Person using mouse to enter 4-character biometric passwordDuring enrollment, you will create a unique password using your mouse, stylus, or touch pad. You draw this password three times to create a profile. BioSig-ID captures your unique movements including direction, speed, length, angle, pressure and height as they draw the password. This movement is known as a “gestural biometric.”

With each BioSig-ID authentication attempt, data is collected around the your IP address and location, date and time of course access, password resets, and successful logins and login failures. The more data collected, the more accurately BioSig-ID can identify patterns of activity. The software is “privacy friendly” and no body part data is collected.

You will be required to verify your identity when first accessing your Blackboard course(s). Many students find this software very easy to use and actually like using it.

It is important to remember the passwords you create with this new identification system, as you will use them for all of your online courses at UMKC. We suggest you take a screenshot or use alternative methods to remember the two passwords you will create. You may not be able to access your course without these passwords.

You may need to reset your BioSig-ID password. Perhaps you have forgotten your new password or cannot easily repeat the password you created. Watch the instruction video or follow the step-by-instructions below.

Instruction Video (1 min)

Step-by-Step Instructions

BioSig uses a self-service password reset so that you can quickly create a password that can be easily repeated and remembered. Have fun and try different passwords.

Option 1

  • After failing to re-create your BioSig-ID password four times, you will be prompted to enter your Click-ID password.
  • Simply click on your Click-ID password and click validate.
  • Once validated the user is now allowed to enroll a new BioSig-ID password
  • Your password has to be drawn three times in order to accurately record the user’s gestures.
  • One last step, you need to validate your new password.

Option 2

  • If you cannot repeat your Click-ID password four times, you will be prompted with a new Step-By-Step Guide message.
  • Click on the “Send me an e-mail to reset my password” link.
  • A token will be sent to the email address that you use to access your course.
  • Cut and paste the token into the message box.
  • You will then be prompted to enroll a new BioSig-ID password.

BioSig-ID how to reset your password image

BioSig-ID has been approved by the UMKC Information Services security team for use with students. BSI has made every effort to comply with ADA and Section 508 requirements. For details, please download BSI’s Student Accessibility Policy.

If you would like to request an accessibility accommodation for BioSig-ID, please contact the UMKC Help Desk at 816-235-6700 or

If you have tried resetting your password and continue to have problems using BioSig-ID, please contact the UMKC Help Desk.

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