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BioSig-ID is being implemented at UMKC beginning in fully online programs. Training is available for all faculty in advance of the integration of BioSig-ID into their courses. Once BioSig-ID is integrated, faculty will experience little to no impact on their teaching.

Students will be introduced to BioSig-ID through a dedicated BioSig Enrollment course. This is a central location to explain BioSig-ID for new students and take care of the initial enrollment. Students will be added to the BioSig Enrollment course three weeks before the start of term to allow ample time for enrollment and authentication practice. If students do not register through the BioSig Enrollment course, they will be prompted to enroll the first time they try to access their live Blackboard course. Student will not be able to access the course without first successfully validating with BioSig-ID.

Student support for using BioSig-ID will be available 24/7 through the ITS Help Desk. There will be no additional cost to the students using BioSig-ID.

Students should be notified in the syllabus of the new requirement to authenticate with BioSig. The announcement text below can be copied directly or instructors can download a Word or PDF version.

BioSig Announcement

The University of Missouri-Kansas City is required by federal law and regional accreditors to confirm the identity of students in online courses. Student authentication is a key element in protecting academic integrity in online courses and is the cornerstone of a credible online education program. In response to these requirements, UMKC now requires online students to participate in a new identity verification system.

As an online student, you will be asked to create a biometric password using a tool called BioSig-ID. This password cannot be replicated by someone else. Effective this term, you will be asked at each Blackboard course login and at the start of each quiz or test to validate your identity. Please note that all BioSig-ID activity takes place in the Blackboard course(s).There will be no additional cost to students using BioSig-ID.

How to Enroll in BioSig

You will be introduced to BioSig-ID through a dedicated BioSig-ID Enrollment course three weeks before the start of the term. In this course, you will be able to quickly enroll and practice authenticating with your password.

To avoid technical issues, it is strongly recommended that you complete the enrollment process on a full computer – not a tablet or a phone. Student support for using BioSig-ID is available 24/7 through the ITS Help Desk at 816-235-6700 or Tips and resources are also available at BioSig for Students.

Acceptable Forms of ID

  • Government-issued driver’s license or passport
  • UMKC ID card




 Academic Attendance Report Overview

Upon request, instructors can receive an attendance report of all BioSig activity in their course(s). This report:

  • Provides a grid-like overview of student attendance / activity by day
  • Captures the student’s BioSig-ID enrollment / validation status
  • Is prepared in an easy to read visual format; date by course and active students

Potential uses for the report include:

  • Compare the number of students registered to inactive students
  • Connect attendance to important academic and student services dates
  • Identify students that may have a password challenge

To request an attendance report for your course, please email with the subject line “BioSig Attendance Report Request.”

Sample Report and Legend

Sample UMKC Academic Attendance Report 2016 [PDF]

BioSig Academic Attendance Report Legend Revised




These brief videos show the enrollment and validation processes in Blackboard as your students will experience them. Canvas demos are coming soon!

BioSig Course Intercept in Blackboard (90 sec)

BioSig Quiz Intercept in Blackboard (1 min)


By default, all quizzes and tests are “gated” with BioSig-ID. This means that at the start of each test, students will be prompted to validate with their password before the test begins. If you would like to disable the intercept feature on individual tests or quizzes, this video demonstrates how.

How to Disable BioSig Test Intercept in Blackboard (1 min)


Instructors do not need to authenticate with BioSig-ID, but if you are curious, you can test drive BioSig at

These helpful information sheets can be provided to students or other interested parties.

BioSig-ID-Education Overview.pdf (600 KB)
BioSig-ID-Education-Detail.pdf (800 KB)

Questions or comments about BioSig in your course? Please contact UMKC Online at