Get ready to jump into online learning with UMKC. Read this overview to get a feel for what to expect from the online learning environment.

What to Expect From Online Courses

Online courses might include lectures, weekly assignments, interaction with your instructors and classmates, and assignments you can do on your own time.

At UMKC, courses and course content are presented through Canvas, our online learning platform, where you'll be able to view lectures, participate in discussions, complete and submit assignments, and review other materials related to your courses. 

Some instructors may also require you to take proctored exams. This will involve downloading software that ensures the integrity of your work. Learn more about exam proctoring.

Hardware and Software Requirements

While you won't need the latest and greatest computer to participate in our online learning environment, you will need access to a machine that meets our recommended computer requirements. You may also be asked to install specific programs to complete some assignments, depending on the course requirements.

It's always smart to test your computer setup a few days before you start a new course or take an exam.

Recommended computer requirements

Single Sign-On and Pathway

All online students are set up with a single sign-on account (SSO) and student email, which grants you access to Pathway, your hub for information about admissions, class schedules, account information and financial aid.

After setting up your SSO and email account, you'll also begin receiving important university communications via email.

Setting up and using your online accounts


Our online courses are designed to be accessible to all students, including those using assistive technologies. If you need further support with assistive technologies or other services, learn more about the accessibility services we provide through Roo Wellness. 

Accessibility Services