The Online Experience

New to Online Learning? We've Got You

An online student with a clean and organized learning space.

Set yourself up for success

Make sure you get the most out of your experience by exploring strategies for excelling as an online student. Learn how to set your space (and yourself) up for success.

A student advisor talking with a student.

Student support services

UMKC Online offers dedicated instructors, invested advisers and abundant resources to help stay on track during your studies. Explore the support services available to you.

An online student on a talking on over video conference all with a classmate.

Connected community

You don't have to be in a physical classroom to experience the comraderie often found in the traditional UMKC student experience. Build lifelong connections with like-minded scholars who bring diverse experiences and fresh perspectives to online learning.

Over the shoulder shot of an online student talking with his professor who we can see on the laptop screen.

Tools of the Trade

Learn more about the hardware and software you’ll use during your online courses and explore the accessibility services we provide to all UMKC students.

Technology requirements