Online News eLearning Updates Spring 2017

eLearning Updates Spring 2017

Devon Cancilla, Vice Provost, Online Learning

Devon Cancilla, Vice Provost, Online Learning

Access: The Importance of Online Education in a Changing World

I am a child of immigrants, a first generation American. No, my parents were not refugees, nor did they come here illegally. Some would argue that coming from Canada to the United States is like moving from Kansas to Missouri, but I would argue otherwise. Read more >>

When it comes to the design of effective learning experiences, one provocative question is worth a hundred proclamations.

Bernard Bull

UMKC Online Faculty Online Teaching Boot Camp May 15-19, 2017Online Teaching Certification May 15–19

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This popular one-week workshop equips faculty with the fundamentals and certification for teaching online at UMKC. Receive hands-on training from experienced instructors, explore the newest educational technologies, and begin the process of moving your course online. Register >>

When surveyed, UMKC students said they take online courses for the convenience and flexibility and would take more online courses if they were offered.