A new integration was enabled for TurnItIn this summer. This built-in integration makes it easy to set up a TurnItIn assignment within the Canvas LMS.

Now, instead of having to set up TurnItIn on a separate screen in the app, you can create an assignment within Canvas and select “plagiarism review” as an option. This will expand the menu with all of your regular TurnItIn settings. The new integration also allows you to use a rubric built in Canvas to grade your TurnItIn assignments in the SpeedGrader. This also shows the similarity report next to the file in Canvas.

If you are interested in step-by-step directions on how to Create a TurnItIn Assignment, you can follow along on our TurnItIn Support Solutions webpage.

If you’d like to learn more about TurnItIn you can visit the TurnItIn website or register for an Assignments in Canvas training hosted by UMKC Online.