As an instructor, you likely have a number of files you want students to access throughout a course. These files may consist of images, course-related documents (like the syllabus), articles, etc. Canvas makes it easy to bulk upload files in a few simple steps. Not only can you link to files in Canvas, but also you can link to content you have already created within Canvas such as assignments, quizzes, other pages within the course, etc. To link content already created in the course, you need to provide descriptive text for the link, highlight the descriptive text, and use the menu shown in the image below to select the content you want to link. (Depending on the size of your browser window, the menu will either appear to the right of the Rich Text Editor or below the Rich Text Editor.) link to content in canvas image 1 If you link to content in the course, your final product will look similar to the following: link to content in canvas image 2 Each of the links take the students directly to the stated content. This is one way to ease navigation for students and may reduce the number of questions you receive from students regarding where to locate items in the course.