Summer 2019 is the last semester you will be able to teach in Blackboard. After the Summer 2019 session, you will be unable to access Blackboard. Our department will archive the course content for you, but we highly recommend you download a copy for your own records. We recommend doing this for your courses and organizations. To archive your Blackboard course, please follow steps 1-10 on our support page.

If you’re ready to move your Blackboard course to Canvas, you can also use the request system “BB Site Conversion Request” to have your Blackboard course uploaded to Canvas. This process may take 24 hours to process. You can also follow the steps on the Migrating a Course from Blackboard to Canvas article to import the course on your own. This will import the course after a few minutes.

We are hosting a Canvas conference at the Kauffman Conference Center on July 26, 2019. This is a free event for you to learn more about Canvas. You can register on our Training Calendar.

Please let us know if you have any questions during your transition from Blackboard to Canvas.