Remember the good old days when you had to visit the library to browse one of the many volumes of encyclopedias for quick reference information? While we may not keep volumes upon volumes of reference material in print anymore, UMKC Libraries offers something even better: Credo Reference.

Credo Reference is a database that contains reference materials such as digital encyclopedias, dictionaries, and more. Each topic page contains a summary article from an encyclopedia entry, links to further reading and related topics, and sometimes even mind maps, images, and videos (imagine a Wikipedia page, but credible). The pages can be translated into over 60 languages and cited in any citation style.

This database is a great place for students to start gathering digestible information about their upcoming research topics and assist instructors looking for quick definitions to start explaining new topics in class (for example, Fake News). It is easy to link or embed database content in a Canvas course or you can get access to Credo Reference on the library website, via the list of Databases. For more ideas on using library resources, contact UMKC Libraries.

Credo Reference