Help Pioneer Online Student Authentication at UMKC

Faculty volunteers needed

Student logging in to online classStudent authentication gives instructors the peace of mind that the students enrolled in the course are the ones actually completing the coursework. Common verification techniques include:

  • Security questions
  • Biometric signatures
  • Facial recognition

Faculty who teach online at UMKC have an opportunity to be leaders in the evaluation of student authentication services that best fit the needs of the university.

An initial pilot, with faculty volunteers from the nursing, dental hygiene, and BLA programs, was launched in spring 2016. This pilot tested the services provided by Examity, and yielded valuable information about faculty, student, and institutional needs for student authentication.

Subsequent pilots are planned for summer and fall semesters. The summer 2016 pilot will involve ProctorU, and the fall pilot is tentatively scheduled with Bio-Sig ID. For these pilots to be successful, we need more faculty volunteers who will be teaching online courses in summer and fall.

Pilot faculty will be asked to include details about the services in their syllabi and online course sites. In addition, faculty will be able to provide valuable feedback about these tools and services. This essential feedback will impact the final selection of the tool to be implemented university-wide, and help shape the policies that will be drafted surrounding student authentication in online courses.

For more information, or to volunteer, contact Melissa Messina or Lara Mabry at UMKC Online.