Course Technology

As you use technology in your course, you want to select tools that align with your module objectives. There are no specific required tools to use. You do want to think about and select tools that support your learning goals. This table matches Blackboard tools with Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy.

Learner Engagement

Another consideration when choosing course technology is learner engagement. Course technology should promote active learning. Consider tools that help your students engage and interact in the course. Explore these tools that promote learner engagement.

Technology Requirements

The course technology used should be available to all students. If students must buy or download software and hardware, assure the technologies are obtainable. You will need to provide instructions on how to get the required tools. Examples of technology requirements in a course:

Technical Support

When using new technologies, you need to provide students with technical support. Provide UMKC’s Instructional Technology Support contact information in your instructions.

For more help on using educational technologies in your course, see the UMKC Online training calendar.