Course instructional materials

This includes textbooks, multimedia, journal articles, and websites. All course materials must align and contribute to the completion of your learning objectives and assessments. Course content includes any materials that you create that relates to the course such as PowerPoint slides, Panopto videos, or Word documents. It is important to Include a variety of instructional materials in your course such as the following:

Open Content
Open Educational Resources (OER) are learning tools that live in the public domain or released with intellectual property licenses (usually Creative Commons) allowing their free use, continuous improvement, and modification by others. For more information and to find Open Educational Resources, visit UMKC Research Guide.

Library content
UMKC Libraries provides access to two million licensed online resources such as journal articles, research databases, eBooks, films, and images. Contact your librarian for help locating resources for your course.

The instructional materials provided to students can be from a variety of sources but must be aware of appropriate usage according to the copyright of the material. For more information about copyright in relation to instructional materials, instructors at UMKC are encouraged to watch the lecture “Copyright and Your Canvas Course” provided by UMKC Libraries, and to familiarized yourself with the Libraries’ Copyright Resource page.