Assessment and Training Center

University of Missouri-Kansas City

For information about online proctoring options, please visit the Instructional Technology Services (ITS) Proctoring page.

UMKC now has a dedicated room that instructors can use to schedule and proctor their computerized exams. Here are the conditions associated with scheduling a test in the Assessment and Training Center:

  1. Test dates that are scheduled in the testing center are first come-first served basis.
  2. Test proctoring is the responsibility of the faculty member who schedules the test.
  3. Once test dates are scheduled, the faculty member will be sent a four digit code which will open the door and deactivate the alarm.
  4. The faculty member (or representative) will re-alarm the room upon exit. Instructions about how to alarm the room will be sent to the instructor when the test dates are confirmed.
  5. The faculty member (or representative) will ensure that there is no eating or drinking in the computer lab.
  6. In case of any difficulties with the computers in the room or with the Blackboard test, instructors/proctors can call:
    • a. 816-235-6700 for Blackboard support
    • b. 816-235-2000 for computer malfunction
    • c. 816-235-6595 for questions about the testing center

The Assessment and Training Center has 36 seats. We have an online reservation system that students can use to reserve their specific testing time. Your tests will be set up in the system at the beginning of the semester and a link for your students and instructor login will be provided within the first three weeks of the semester. We schedule 34 seats for each testing instance to ensure that if a computer breaks, the student can move to one that is working properly.

So, in an example with 34 seats in the room and if your class has 150 students and your test takes 50 minutes, I would schedule at least 5 hours for each of your tests. That is 170 seats for each test instance. If you start at 8:00 a.m., you would end the session at 1 p.m.. You would need to find a proctor for the room for that length of time.

To request test dates for your course, please contact Molly Mead by emailing