Faculty trainings now online!

You asked, and we listened. Starting this fall, many UMKC Online faculty trainings will be offered, well, online!

Street sign that reads "Online Training"Choose from a variety of standalone options or register for an online teaching certification course. Or, if an on-ground training catches your eye that you would like to see offered online or live-streamed, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. Trainings are free and open to all UMKC instructors.

Online Format Trainings


Learn the basics of creating course materials that are clearer and more accessible for everyone. Discussion includes MS Word documents, PowerPoints, PDFs, video captioning and accessible math tips.


Analytics can greatly improve access to data related to teaching and learning practices, which can ultimately result in better monitoring and evaluation of student learning behaviors. Learn how to use analytics reports to review patterns of student engagement and activity useful for making decisions about course design improvements, learner workload management, and student retention strategies.

Online training via laptop clip art
Collaborate Ultra

Are you ready for the Ultra experience? Blackboard Collaborate has been redesigned to provide improved real-time video conferencing with a simpler browser-based launch and sleek intuitive interface that lets you share applications, files, and interactions with ease.

Panopto Lecture Capture

With Panopto, UMKC faculty can record, upload, and edit video lectures that publish directly to Blackboard, and enable video assignments for students. It’s easy to do with just a few clicks.


This session is designed to give you a brief overview of the structure and purpose of rubrics. We will also review the benefits of using rubrics as both an assessment and as a teaching tool. Factors which contribute to reliability, validity and fairness of the rubrics will be discussed. The second part of the session will demonstrate some of the free rubric tools available and introduce you to the new rubric tool available in Blackboard.

Tips and Tricks for Teaching Online

UMKC instructional designers offer practical strategies for managing and optimizing your online classroom. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls, manage disruptive students, boost your teaching presence, and create time-saving workflow hacks. Both novice and veteran online faculty can benefit from this workshop.