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Ebooks at UMKC Libraries

Julie Hartwell, Instructional Design Librarian

About E-Books

To meet the needs of students, faculty, and scholars at UMKC, the library acquires electronic resources, such as e-books, to provide anytime, anywhere access. This is especially important as the university moves toward a greater emphasis on distance learning and online education.

1,522,986 Number of e-books available through UMKC Libraries in 2016

Advantages of E-books

We know you love the smell of print books as much as we do. Even though some users report they prefer paper books to e-books, the advantages outweigh this preference. Our usage statistics point to increased use when an e-book is available. E-books are also interactive. Users have the option to search the text, download portions, generate a citation, and obtain a permalink.

Searching for E-books

To search for e-books at UMKC, start in the library catalog. Once you have entered your search terms and clicked Submit, look for the e-book icon in the results ebook icon.

You can also do an advanced search. In the “Material Type” box, select e-books and click Submit. After you find an e-book, click one of the blue links under “Connect to.” Then, start reading!

UMKC e-book access via the catalog

Linking to Your Courses

Want to assign a library e-book to your class? One of the best ways to avoid copyright problems is to link to articles, e-book chapters, or e-books. You will need to create durable links for use in Blackboard. When looking at a library e-book, find the option “Permalink,” “Durable Link,” “Copy Bookmark,” or “Share Link to Book.”

In Blackboard, open the Content Area where you would like to post the readings. Click Build Content and create Web Link. Name the e-book and paste the durable link. Click Submit.

Screenshot of database durable link options for e-books

Reading on Devices

If you or students would like to transfer e-books to a personal device, you will use Adobe Digital Editions. The free program allows you to download e-books as well as transfer e-books to supported devices. E-book publishers each have compatibility and usage restrictions. Our chart of devices and publishers describes these issues in detail.


For step by step instructions, a Research Guide on e-books is available on the library’s website. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to Ask a Librarian!