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Do I Need an Author ID? Connecting Research to the Researcher

Julie Hartwell, Instructional Design Librarian, UMKC Libraries

Since you started publishing, has your name changed? Does your name include hyphens or apostrophes? Author IDs, such as Open Researcher and Contributor Identification (ORCID), help to end author name ambiguity and improve discoverability of research. ORCID does this by assigning a unique identifier to each person. ORCID identifiers are a 16-digit number, expressed as a URL unique to the individual. This identifier connects your research to you.

ORCID logoIn 2012, ORCID launched and started issuing author IDs. ORCID is a non-profit organization funded through organizational membership and subscription fees. UMKC is a member. You can search by ORCID in PubMed and Web of Science databases. Some major publishers need ORCID Identifiers before accepting manuscripts for publication, as well as research funders for grantees. By registering for an ORCID identifier, you connect all types of your research and ensure appropriate attribution.

ORCIDGetting Started

It is easy to create an ORCID.  Register here! If desired, you can create a full ORCID profile of your publications, conference presentations, data, etc. We recommend you register for an ORCID identifier regardless if you create a full profile. You have the option to enter your ORCID in your myVITA profile.

Questions? Contact your subject librarian or visit our Publishing research guide.