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Month: July 2017

SECCRA and Its Fate

  Evan Smith / University of Missouri-Columbia We learned from the WCET-SAN call of February 23, 2017, that SREB has long had an Electronic Campus (1998) before regulated distance education reciprocity and/or SARA came into being. It is fairly well known that the SREB (Southern Regional Education Board) states had to undo the EC arrangements (more than 4500 programs; 40,000 courses) in order to join SARA, as well as follow any other rules pertaining to legislation and the actual application process for NC-SARA. It was agreed that once SREB had 8 or more states in SARA that SECRRA (SREB’s Electronic Campus Regional Reciprocity Agreement) would dissolve on June 30, 2017. Along the way, that northern Commonwealth, Pennsylvania, joined SARA via SREB, as did DC, the strategically placed Mason-Dixon Line US capital. Joining in will be Puerto Rico, if all goes as expected. Under the EC, there were regionally accredited not-for-profit institutions, with state review and approval. Principles of Good Practice and Common Standards had to be complied with. The year 2014 saw a second regional reciprocity agreement in SARA. To date, of the “Lower 48” SREB states, only Florida has not yet joined. It may well be in by fall 2017. July 2017, another in a series of fiscal/watershed dates in state authorization, will see SECRRA dissolve into SARA. But the reciprocity applies only to institutions in SARA; any...

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What is MoKanSan?

The field of state authorization is an ever-changing landscape, leaving us with a number of questions and uncertainties. We can sum up the field in two words: It Depends. At times, there are a number of changes and modifications happening at a rapid pace, leaving us struggling to catch up. Enter MoKanSan. MoKanSan is the Missouri-Kansas State Authorization Network. It was created to provide networking, collaborative, and informational opportunities for regional institutions. However, membership to MoKanSan is not limited strictly to members residing in Missouri and Kansas; anyone can join. Modeled after WCET’s State Authorization Network, but on a more direct level, MoKanSan will disseminate important information to its members regarding the latest news and updates in the realm of state authorization in distance education. It will be a place for members to not only hear the latest regarding state authorization, but will also provide a venue to both offer and receive advice, and providing support to fellow institutions. MoKanSan will host a second MoKanSan State Authorization Summit in January 2018. Stay tuned for details! Suggestions and guest writers are welcome. Let’s create this group...

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The Missouri Kansas State Authorization Network (MoKanSAN) provides collaborative opportunities for higher education institutions. MoKanSAN is supported by

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