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Month: September 2016

10 Tips for State Auth Compliance

Provided by Cheryl Dowd, WCET/SAN & Jenny Parks, M-SARA Designate aPoint Person-Designate one person to be in charge of state authorization compliance for the whole institution. Acquire Access to Institutional Data–Point person needs access to a wide range of data across the institution which is updated according to an established schedule. GainAccess to Institutional Resources–Point person needs enough resources to do her/his job, including time, money, and assistance from IT, IR, etc. Pursue Outside Support Sources–Point person must use outside support sources and initiatives to develop knowledge of compliance requirements and implementation strategies. Examples include: WCET/SAN , SHEEO Surveys,...

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To Enroll or Not to Enroll?

What you need to know about the Physical Presence standard Once upon a time, there was an institution that accepted students from outside of its state into its online degree programs, yet did not seek authorization in those states. The university either was unaware of the distance education rules for online degree programs or thought it would be okay to let this one student (or two…) slide. Au contraire – the school suffered the repercussions of operating illegally in another state. The Physical Presence Standard When it comes to state authorization and distance education, there are ground rules that...

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Application approved! UMKC is now a participating SARA institution Forty-eight. That’s the number of states (including Washington, DC) that the University of Missouri-Kansas City will soon be able to accept and enroll distance education students from. On June 30, UMKC was accepted as a participating SARA institution. This event marks a milestone in our work of building an eLearning campus of excellence. Before SARA (the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement), each university had to obtain authorization via the door-to-door approach to offer distance education to residents outside of the home state. Each state had its own unique rules and regulations...

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The Missouri Kansas State Authorization Network (MoKanSAN) provides collaborative opportunities for higher education institutions. MoKanSAN is supported by

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