Pave Your Way

Wondering what to expect from your online courses? You've come to the right place. Learn more about the various aspects of online courses — and online learning at UMKC — to see how we can help you get to where you want to go.

Your Path Forward

Types of courses

Learn more about the types of courses offered at UMKC, how they're structured and what to expect while you're taking them.

Course preparation and enrollment

Get familiar with the systems, tools and policies you'll need as an online student, and learn more about enrolling in courses after you've been accepted.

A student looking intently at his laptop while taking a proctored exam.

Proctored exams

Some courses may require you to take proctored exams online to ensure integrity during testing. In some cases, you may also request an alternative assessment from your instructor. Learn more about your testing options.

Grades and transcripts

Need to check your grades or request a transcript? Want to know what grading options are available to you? Explore key grade-related information for online learners.

Bronze statue of the UMKC Roo on campus with students in the background.

Cross Campus Enrollment

Already enrolled at a UM System university but want to take a course offered at UMKC? The good news is that you can. Learn more about the cross-campus enrollment process.

Cross-campus enrollment

Learn More About Learning Online

Dig into the details of online education at UMKC.

Technology Support

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