Enroll in a Course

Explore how to enroll, grading options and what to do if you need to add, drop or withdraw from UMKC courses.

Enrollment at UMKC

Courses at UMKC are semester-based. Learn more about semester-based courses

Semester-based enrollment

Semester-based courses have start and end dates that align with UMKC's academic calendar. In most cases, you can enroll through your student information system.

When to Register

Review all the key UMKC registration start and end dates to make sure you can find a seat in the core classes you need to fulfill your degree requirements. 

Registration dates

Choosing the Right Grading Option

UMKC online students have several grading options: standard plus/minus letter grades, satisfactory/unsatisfactory, credit/no credit and auditing. 

Grading options

Adding, Dropping or Withdrawing from Courses

Find out the conditions and process for adding, dropping or withdrawing from courses within your student information system. Also find out what to do if you miss the drop deadline, or have a hold on your account.