Grading Options

Depending on your goals and GPA preferences, you may choose from four grading options: letter grades, satisfactory/unsatisfactory, credit/no credit, and auditing. The change request will need to be made prior to the UMKC deadline.

Letter Grades and Pass/Fail Grades

Typically courses are graded with letter grades A, B, C, D or F, along with a plus/minus.

When you take a course credit/no credit, your transcript will show "CR" for credit or "NC" for no credit. If you would have received an A, B or C, you will receive credit (a grade of CR). If you would have received a D or F, you will not receive credit (a grade of NC). Note that a credit or no credit grade will not affect your GPA.

Read more about the UMKC grading system

Course Auditing

If admitted to UMKC, you can audit a course for personal interest or professional development with instructor consent. You will have the same access to lessons, exams and course materials as other students. Enrollment in the course is indicated on your record with an "AT", which stands for audit.

Change Grade Option Deadline

Watch your calendar because you’ll need to request to audit a course or take a course credit/no credit before UMKC's deadline. Refer to UMKC’s academic calendar for "last day to change grading option" dates.