Types of Courses

Your student status and degree plan will affect the types of courses you take, and may also determine how your schedule works and how you interact with your instructors and classmates.

Before You Begin

All online classes offered by UMKC are semester-based and follow the on-campus schedule (8-week or 16-week Spring and Fall Semesters and an 8-week Summer session).

Semester-Based Courses

Semester-based courses are either asynchronous, meaning you can log on anytime to participate, or synchronous, meaning you are required to log on at a specified time.

As with other online courses, you may need to take a proctored exam, but you also are expected to take online quizzes and exams.

An added bonus is more structure and interaction with your peers. Instead of going at your own pace, your instructor will provide weekly assignments, course work, quizzes and exams. Throughout this time, you also can engage with your instructor and peers via the discussion board.

Next Steps for Semester-Based Courses

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