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On Thursday, August 16, 2018 from 1:00-5:00 pm, FaCET, UMKC Online, UMKC Libraries, and the UMKC Assessment Office will team up to present the Course Launchpad Experience. This experience is open to new faculty beginning at UMKC in Fall 2018.

We are excited to support your efforts in getting your course preparation underway with the Course Launchpad Experience! Whether you are an experienced college-level instructor or new to teaching in academia, this session will help you to be a successful teacher this year and beyond. The Course Launchpad Experience brings together experience professionals in assessment and instructional design who can provide tips and direct guidance on building your course syllabus, ensuring ADA compliance with course materials, strategies for formative assessment, the use of instructional technologies, and many other topics. Bring your laptop or table, or let us know if you do no have access to a mobile computer.

Here are important resources available to you as a new instructor at UMKC:

Assessment at UMKC

A&OER Materials

Accessibility and ADA Compliance

Canvas LMS