Certification is Coming

Certification is coming graphic

The new policy takes effect in 2018

The Online Course and Instructor Certification policy comes in response to the standards set by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the agency that accredits UMKC. Of the nine HLC standards for measuring the quality of online courses, programs, and instructors, Standard Six calls for appropriately trained faculty. The UMKC certification policy stipulates that all online instructors complete training to demonstrate they are qualified to teach online and therefore meet the standards for HLC accreditation.

Faculty and staff at UMKC have three different routes to achieve certification: a weeklong face-to-face boot camp offered twice each year in May and August, an online moderated training, and an unmoderated, self-paced  course.

While August 2018 seems far away now, those in academia know how new projects, grants, or other activities may easily arise. Our advice is to not delay, and enroll today in one of these three flexible routes to achieve faculty certification to teach online at UMKC.