Camera Shy: Help students become effective presenters with Panopto video

Panopto logoThe presentation skills that students develop in school will be among the most valuable assets they take into the workplace. With Panopto, instructors can create video assignments for students that can help them develop on-camera poise, gain confidence in communicating a focused message, and hone a set of effective presentation skills. Video recordings also provide students with tangible portfolio artifacts to show in an interview.

For instructors, video recordings open up a new world of assignment options, such as:

  • Video interviews
  • Demonstrations
  • Business pitches
  • Projects
  • Speeches
  • Foreign language proficiency
  • Tours
  • Training simulations
  • Field activities

For students, Panopto is easy to use. With a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, students can use almost any device to record Panopto presentations as homework assignments, upload their work to a private folder, edit the video, and submit it for review and feedback. Instructors can then review each student’s video and provide comments and feedback directly in the recording.

Watch the Student Guide to Recording Panopto Video in Blackboard for a brief video overview of the recording process for UMKC students. Instructors who would like to learn how to enable Panopto video assignments in Blackboard can register today for a free Panopto training. Details available on the UMKC Online Workshops Page at