The Role of Online Learning at UMKC

Mission: An important element of UMKC’s overall mission is to create a vibrant learning and campus life experience that meets the educational needs of a diverse student population. Through its strategic plan, UMKC recognizes eLearning as an important component of its overall educational strategy and that online learning provides one pathway to meet these needs. The mission of UMKC Instructional Design & Technology is to promote and support quality online programs and courses that meet nationally recognized standards and to foster a vibrant eLearning campus community for all students, faculty, and staff.

UMKC Instructional Design & Technology Seeks to:

• Actively support the online and eLearning educational goals of UMKC and University of Missouri System.
• Promote and support innovative teaching and learning strategies that effectively incorporate eLearning technologies and promote anytime/anyplace teaching and learning.
• Support and enhance the research and scholarship of teaching.
• Support UMKC’s university-wide commitment to academic excellence and student success
• Meet and exceed national standards for online course and program delivery.

Vision: UMKC will be recognized as a leader in the curricular integration of eLearning strategies that effectively use technologies to create and promote an eLearning culture and campus of excellence.

Our Team

Meet the people at UMKC Instructional Design & Technology who conduct consultations, certifications, and faculty training

Institutional Memberships

UMKC has the benefit of institutional support from the Online Learning Consortium, Quality Matters, the Education Advisory Board.


UMKC Instructional Design & Technology is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission

State Authorization

Some programs are not available in certain states due to specific state rules regarding things like internships and practicums. Check to see which programs are available in your state.

Instructional Modes

We offer online courses in a variety of modes, from fully online asynchronous (meaning there is no set time for class) to blended and distance education.