The Future of the Student Information System (SIS) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Initiative

The Strategic Project Management Office of the University of Missouri System, in cooperation with the four campuses, is planning the future of UM’s Student Information System (SIS) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Check below for the most recent project status update and for Frequently Asked Questions about the SIS ERP.

The “Missouri Model” will be a framework for a student information system that promotes student success and facilitates lifelong learning from the prospective student through alumnus while recognizing unique student populations.

Define and develop a scalable, adaptable, and sustainable integrated system of software, tools, and common practices that meet the critical needs of the University of Missouri System as a whole and each campus individually.

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Page Last Updated: May 25, 2017

Most Recent Project Update from the UM System office: May 24, 2017

Last month’s accomplishments (April 26, 2017-May 23, 2017):

  1. Completed data analysis of the prioritized business processes.
  2. Identified processes to be fully document/evaluated for exercises #3-#5; 46 processes were identified:
    • Admissions: 6
    • Cashiers: 11
    • Financial Aid: 15
    • Registrar: 14
  3. Began exercise #3 – SIPOCs. This involves identifying the suppliers to the process, inputs and outputs, customers, and the process at a high level.
  4. Continued identifying 3rd party systems and apps at each campus.

This month’s work (May 24, 2017-June 28, 2017):

  1. Complete SIPOCs on all 46 processes; analyze the output.
  2. Begin Exercises #4-#5 (discussion of output of SIPOCs, campuses differences, and recommendations for future changes).
  3. Continue the 3rd party systems and apps collection process (UMKC, S&T, and MU) and determine next steps in keeping these lists up-to-date moving forward.
  4. Begin drafting the Final Recommendations document.


Important Background Information about the SIS Project
What is a Student Information System (SIS)?
What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?
What are the priorities?
What are the processes and policies?
What are the system requirements?
How will data be managed?
How is the project organized?