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Upcoming Conference Calls/Webinars

MoKanSan will be conducting conference calls tackling a plethora of topics related to the field of state authorization. The calls will take place every other month, alternating with the MoKanSan newsletters. What topics would...



NC-SARA Updates

Brandie Elliott / University of Missouri-Kansas City At the MoKanSan State Authorization Summit in early January, Marshall Hill was on hand to discuss some upcoming changes and updates with the National Council for State...


The Missouri Kansas State Authorization Network (MoKanSAN) provides collaborative opportunities for higher education institutions. MoKanSAN is supported by

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  • UNLV Pays a Cost for Not Notifying Students about Charges for Proctoring Services
    Cheryl Dowd, Director of the State Authorization Network, and I have been presenting this summer about the status of the federal state authorization regulation. In those presentations we remind people about other federal regulations that remain in place. The one that has most surprised those in our audiences is the requirement that students be notified […]
  • The Department of Education’s Plans for Overhauling Accrediting and Innovation Regulations
    On Friday, October 13, the U.S. Department of Education published the unofficial version of its plan to establish an “Accreditation and Innovation” negotiated rule making committee. The final version should be published in the Federal Register today and includes the call for nominations to serve on the committee and three subcommittees.  You may recall that […]