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Accessibility for Online Courses at UMKC

UMKC Online provides resources for faculty and staff so that they can produce materials that are accessible to the broadest audience possible. Web accessibility and Universal Design for Learning are two ways to achieve this goal. We encourage you to read the Online Accessibility Fact Sheet, explore the Resource Library, and register for a free workshop to learn more about how to make your course content accessible.

2018 Online Course Certification and Accessibility Standards

UMKC has adopted an Online Course and Instructor Certification policy that online courses and instructors be certified through a UMKC/Quality Matters review. This policy will apply to fall 2018 courses. Certification allows UMKC to meet nationally mandated accreditation standards associated with online education and also represents best practices. Accessibility standards in course design and materials (e.g., documents, slides, and video) are a part of this review.

To learn more, see Accessibility for Course Certification and the Course Certification Checklist.

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